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Summer Curls :)

Hey Teen Naturals !!! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a post so I dropped in to say HEYYYYYY !!!! This summer is going great !!!! For the most part I’ve been rocking wash n go’s and blowouts . I also  wore some yarn braids for the majority of June.  Here’s some pics of the different styles I’ve rocked .  Feel free to check out my Music Channel and Natural Hair for teens !!!!modeling5modeling4modeling3bae in the carr.

Teen Natural Hair Channel ;


My Music Channel; 

Akabella Sings 

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Summer Time !!!!!

Its official !!! Our friend summer is back !!!! I’m excited that the snow is gone for now , although by august I’m sure I’ll be missing it . Tomorrow I’m participating in a graduation ceremony for home schooled teens and I’m super hype !!!! We didnt get to take our cap and gowns home so I’m looking forward to reuniting with my cap and gown tomorrow for the real event !!! I can’t believe things went by so quickly . I remember when I was a shy, timid 8th grader in this performing arts school and here I am, still the same girl just older and less timid . Also last Friday my sister and I got to open up for this group called Dead Prez !!!! I think that it went wonderful !!! My little sis recited a poem and I sung Zimbabwe”s national anthem !!! I’m starting to realize that every time I grace the stage i get less nervous !!! I actually had a huge surge of energy after I got off the stage. In the past usually when I got off the stage i would be shaking all over, but this time that didn’t happen !!! Maybe your girl has a career in music after all !!! Feel free to check out my music channel , just click the link below !!! Thanks!!!


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Heyyyy !!!!!

Hey teen naturals !!!! Just popping in to say hello and talk about a new epiphany i came across last week. For a while now i have been in search of the perfect curl definer and i have finally found the answer. Conditioner!!!! All i do is wet my entire head with water, seperate it into sections and gently rake the conditioner through my curls. Once that’s complete i proceed to shake my hair so the curls clump together and fall how they want . Its pretty simple and works for just about any curl pattern. Also just about any conditioner will work but my conditoner of choice was Tresemme Naturals which is silicone free!!! Actually this whole conditioner only method was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who is also a fellow curly head and i have to say that im happy with the results i get when i use this method !!!!

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I have a YouTube channel!!!!!


Hey teen naturals!!!!! I have a youtube channel for teens with natural hair!!! Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think!!!!! Thanks !!!!!

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Embracing your shrinkage!

There is something special our hair does when its wet. It shrinks up ! Whenever water comes in contact with our curls, our curls join together and then proceed to spring up towards our scalp, creating the illusion of shorter hair. Instead of getting upset or irritated about this wonderful hair gift, we should embrace it ! Length isn’t everything and there are so many different looks you can try with your shrunken hair! So embrace your shrinkage and rock it! 🙂Image

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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year Teen Naturals !!!! I hope your winter vacation went well! I recently started a new business called Kk’s Curly Kids . At Kk’s Curly Kids we create one-of-a-kind natural hair dolls for the child at heart ! Feel free to visit our website http://www.kkcurlykids.com !!! Thanks for supporting us and you are appreciated.

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KK’s Curly Kids!!!!!

          Hi Teen Naturals!!! This month I launched a new business!!!   It’s Called Kk’s Curly Kids !!! We have one-of-a-kind natural hair dolls and hair accessories for the child at heart. My sister, http://www.agoddessjourney.com  is featured in the photo shoot along with her new friend , Kamryn. They both did an awesome job modeling !!! For all your natural hair doll needs , check out our website, http://www.kkcurlykids.com

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Same Neighborhood, Different Perspectives

Hey World…..How have you been?  I hope all is well….You’re invited to come out and see the 2nd showing of a Phenomenal Play I’m in this Saturday titled “Same Neighborhood Different Perspectives: A Conversation between General Colin Powell and Kwame Ture” by Obi Egbuna, Jr..  It’s presented by the theatre company I’m in (Mass Emphasis Children’s History and Theater Company) and this Saturday is also Kwame Ture’s actual Bornday!!  The location is The Living Well 2443 North Charles St. Baltimore, Md. 21218 and doors open @ 5pm.  Hope to see you there!!

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Introducing TNC Tv!!!

Help us celebrate the launch of TNC Tv with our debut video titled: “My hair is beautiful”.….Thanks for your support!!!

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Question of the week!

Hey Teen Naturals! Have you ever been asked what you use in your hair or what’s your hair growth secret? How do you respond?

#curlygirl, #naturalhair, #patienceiskey

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