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Summer Time !!!!!

on June 13, 2014

Its official !!! Our friend summer is back !!!! I’m excited that the snow is gone for now , although by august I’m sure I’ll be missing it . Tomorrow I’m participating in a graduation ceremony for home schooled teens and I’m super hype !!!! We didnt get to take our cap and gowns home so I’m looking forward to reuniting with my cap and gown tomorrow for the real event !!! I can’t believe things went by so quickly . I remember when I was a shy, timid 8th grader in this performing arts school and here I am, still the same girl just older and less timid . Also last Friday my sister and I got to open up for this group called Dead Prez !!!! I think that it went wonderful !!! My little sis recited a poem and I sung Zimbabwe”s national anthem !!! I’m starting to realize that every time I grace the stage i get less nervous !!! I actually had a huge surge of energy after I got off the stage. In the past usually when I got off the stage i would be shaking all over, but this time that didn’t happen !!! Maybe your girl has a career in music after all !!! Feel free to check out my music channel , just click the link below !!! Thanks!!!



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